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Heurística Takes 6 Mexican SW Development Companies to Chicago
Published date: August 16, 2005.

Six Mexican software developers have signed a contract with Heurística for a November trip to Chicago to meet with business consultants and system integrators. These firms frequently recommend IT solutions to their clients and their implementation often falls outside their own core competencies.

Heurística expects that the Mexican companies will provide the American firms with a clear and convenient option to develop the solutions they recommend to their end-clients. Near-Shore outsourcing gives them both cost savings and control over their projects.

Bancomext, the Mexican import-export bank, is helping Heurística find the interested Chicago firms. If you are interested, you may contact Mr. Rafael Bernal at Heuristica, or Mr. Miguel Leaman / Mr. Victor Trani at Bancomext's Chicago office (312) 856-0316. The event will be held at the Swissötel on November 3.


When you company is interested in finding the optimal location to offshore a large part or all of your software development operations, Heuristica can help you determine if Mexico fulfills your expectations.

We can help you in finding a reliable software development company that will partner with you under your conditions.

We can suggest a diverse type of partnering situations, depending on your own outsourcing strategy.

We can help you find the other people you need to meet, such as authorities, lawyers and accountants.

If you are responsible for making technical recommendations, we can help you with the implementation under diverse conditions:

Who Implements Your Technical Recommendations?

·   If it is your customer’s responsibility, are you expected to recommend a supplier? Does your customer expect you to take on the IT project?

·   If in-house, would you like to reduce costs? What do you do about peaks and valleys in software development? How much time do you or your top executives spend on issues related to your IT department?

·   If local subcontracting, would you like to reduce costs while keeping your project in North America?

·   If offshore subcontracting, would you like to optimize the process by going from offshore to nearshore?


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